Friday, 5 December 2014

Still life for Advent

Still life, for Advent, 8"x6", oils on board, still life, Advent, reflections, glass of wine
I made this little set up in the corner of my work area. 
The green background was in fact a waterproof cagoule - the only darkish green thing I could find and I suspended the Christmas baubles in mid air from a yard stick protruding out of the book case. 
It looked a mess so a goodly amount of artistic licence was required. 
I painted the background with a brush and the rest with a palette knife. I felt nervous about painting the shiny reflections in the baubles so took a deep breath, dredged up some courage and remembered advice I had read to the effect that you just paint the shapes you can see: this bit a dark triangle, that bit a lighter rectangle, this bit a bright square and so on and so forth until the bauble is complete. One shape of light and dark at a time. 
So when I sat back at a distance to see whether the composite effect of these shapes looked like baubles I discovered (1) yes they did - hooray, and (2) my reflection was looking back at me from the gold one! I was astonished. I had been concentrating so hard on identifying and working shapes with my knife I hadn't taken it in that I was peering at myself.
So here you are: an Advent still life with a bonus self-portrait.

That's the last blog for this week. Thank you for looking at my paintings - have a great weekend.