Thursday, 11 December 2014


oil painting of a stag in dawn light by pet portraits by karen of Devon
This is a small study to help me with a much larger version that I am presently working on. 
The inspiration came from a trip up my garden with the dog the other morning early - pre-dawn - when movement at the top caught my eye and out of the murky grey/violet/lemon light of pre-dawn a small herd of deer shimmered across the grass and over the bank. 
Not red deer though and not a stag.
I have no photos of woodland in the pre-dawn so I am painting this from my visual memory, which is a most liberating and fun experience.
I have popped out a couple of times very early to refresh my memory but what I saw was not as attractive or colourful as I remembered so I thought I would ignore the "reality" in front of me and stick to the reality in my memory.
Visual memory is a strange thing: most people have experienced its quirks in relation to childhood memories: going back to visit the Absolutely Enormous house you used to live in, for example, and being astonished to discover how small it now seems.
Which reality is more real?? Answers on a postcard!
Last blog post for this week. The reference photo for the stag was by Steve Lyddon of PMP.
Thank you for reading my ramblings and looking at my paintings.