Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hare in the field

oil painting of Hare in the field, pet portrait by karen
My objective when I painted this, was to create a clear light source and separation of values. I split my palette in half and put colours on the left that I only used in the darks - burnt umber, ultramarine, paynes grey and transparent oxide brown (+ white as necessary). On the right I put cad yellow deep, cad lemon, sap green, transparent oxide red and white. No colour that is in the light also appears in the dark, or vice versa. I think it worked?

The reference photo for the hare was courtesy of Dave Webb on PMP, but I had seen a hare in isolated fields at the rear of the forest where I walk my dog. These fields - in the background - and this dog: he makes a bonus appearance.
the field where we saw the hare
Hares are very hard to spot and harder to photograph although oddly I have had a better view of one when I was driving to the forest: he hopped along the grass verge just ahead of my car, so I clocked him over a reasonable distance at 25mph+. 

Of course they do not live forever, and on this same walk, in the beech bank on the right, we have recently found a partial set of teeth. Research at home established they were the upper incisors of a hare. Here is a picture of them, plus the drawing from my sketchbook, made from a different angle so you get both perspectives.
hare's teeth, upper incisors, watercolour sketch of hare's teeth

I am going to take a short break from daily paintings now because I feel the need for a breather and a bit of a stock take. I feel that I have drifted into a frame of mind where I not so much creating as producing and this is not an entirely comfortable feeling. I will post some photos of my various commissioned paintings instead (once I am sure Father Christmas has delivered them) as well as doing a review of 2014. 

Have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.