Thursday, 19 February 2015

Puzzled face

Dachshund oil painting, a pet portrait by Karen
This expression is entirely due to her dismay that her owner is holding a camera and not a treat - that's my theory. In real life, this little dog's name is Sheila. 
Painted with a mixture of brushwork and palette knife using a restricted palette of burnt umber, transparent oxide red and cadmium yellow deep, with white and black - although I restricted black to the pupils of her eyes and the centre of her nostrils only. It is important to keep black well away from yellow. Even a genuine cadmium like this one - which behaves better than the cheaper version - has a nasty habit of transforming itself into something unpleasant if black sidles up alongside. 
This cadmium from Rembrandt turns distinctly mouldy. That is only a marginal improvement on the cowpat green I have been afflicted with on previous occasions.
This is my last post for this week. Thank you for looking at my paintings: have a great weekend.