Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Portrait of a black dog (1)

Oil painting, black dog, peeing round the corner, painting wood in oil paint, a pet portrait by Karen
This lovely German-Shepherd type dog peeping round the corner was fun to paint. The technique I used is almost the opposite to my palette knife paintings - as little paint as possible. I toned the board first with burnt sienna, then - when it was thoroughly dry - put the paint on with a very soft, angled brush (sold as a water colour brush, I think) and applied it very thinly. I used a tiny bit of turps if the paint felt  sticky, but otherwise straight out of the tube. Just a little bit, though - almost a dry brush technique. 
In parts I wiped some of this thin layer off to make it even thinner - on the dog's forehead, for example, where the light was bouncing off. What you can see here is a glimmer of the toned board shining through. 
The timber backdrop is Transparent Oxide Red smeared on with a bit of kitchen roll, then I made the wood markings, including the knots, with cotton buds (Q-tips)  and the tip of a metal skewer. Simples, as they say in the advert.
Hope you like him. I think he is up to something in that shed - perhaps he has found a big bag of kibble - and has popped his head out for a moment to check the coast is clear.