Thursday, 9 April 2015

Big as a Bear

oil painting of a yorkshire terrier, yorkie, oils on board, a pet portrait by karen
The only one of these little dogs I have become friends with has completely changed my opinion of the breed. 
Barely weighing 6 lbs, she is not much bigger than a fat guinea pig. 
But in her own estimation she is as Big as a Bear and as Fierce as a Lion. At the first sign of any trouble whatever - badger, herd of deer, large and ferocious dog - she is up there in the front row, a fearless doggie commando, a leading example of canine shock troops. 
Painted in two sittings, at the end of stage one she looked quite awful, all red and black like an over-ripe pointed pepper. The longer, lighter fur got added next day when the paint had tacked up. 
I still have to grit my teeth when painting hairy dogs: I have not found a way of doing it in one sitting (because the paint turns to mud and mush) and doing it in two means I have to accept a most unpromising painting at the half way stage. I often put them to tack up with their faces to the wall, so I am not tempted to fiddle.