Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A small cat

a small, black cat; seated on a wheel back chair, oil painting of a room interior, a pet portrait by karen
When I first saw this pretty scene I knew I wanted to paint it, but was unsure how to tackle the complexity of the room interior. 
In the end, I used the same method I almost always do: started with the cat's eyes, using a size 0 sable blend brush, working outwards until the cat was complete, suspended eerily on nothing to the left of centre of a blank canvas. 
From there I worked top left, down and to the right, painting in everything around the cat. 
I had puzzled for a while how to paint the windows with the net curtaining in front of them.
 In the end, I made a big effort to stop thinking of them in layers: night sky, windows, curtains but instead to just see shapes: a small dark shape, a larger lighter shape etc. Working in this way from left to right, when I finally looked up -  the shapes had resolved themselves into sky, windows and curtains without me having given it much thought. Magic.
The vase of flowers were last after the paint had an hour or two to tack up. I did these with a small palette knife and no fiddling (despite the temptation).