Friday, 29 May 2015

Duchy, A Labrador

oil painting of a yellow labrador, a pet portrait by karen
Ending the week on the blog not with a daily painting but a commission. This is Duchy, a yellow labrador. I don't usually post my commissioned paintings, but Duchy is an exception. She is a dear, 8 year old girl, who has lived with her present owners for about 2 years. Before that, she was kept solely for breeding on a puppy farm. 

Up until the age of 6 she had lived only in a cage, on a concrete floor, had never been taken for a walk, had never experienced a lead, walked on grass, been inside a house or slept on a comfy bed. 

Yet she is the gentlest soul you could possibly imagine.

Now, despite being afflicted with arthritis, she has a very happy life in rural Devon with devoted owners and all the home comforts she never previously enjoyed. She has also now had her portrait painted. It must be said that she greeted this news with indifference. A bit of crispy bacon, however, was a different matter.
Have a great weekend everyone and thank you for looking at my paintings.