Thursday, 11 June 2015

Basset Hound 2

oil painting of a basset hound
A smaller painting than yesterday's, this is my imaginary basset hound, called Maud. I used the same colour palette as yesterday. The effect appears rather different because the whole dog, rather than just her portrait, has been painted on to a smaller support. Also, it is amazing what a difference the support makes: today's is gesso'ed MDF, yesterday I used fine portrait linen. That is my absolute favourite but it is too expensive to use on a daily basis. 
On my other blog (see sidebar) I am sharing my experience of teaching myself to paint portraits of people. The impact of that work carries over to work on animals whether I intend it to or not, so I find myself practising painting colour and value shapes rather than features.
It is a magical process: I started with Maud's eyes but after that I painted "a triangle of yellow ochre", a "little square" of white in the shadow, a "a teeny parallelogram" of burnt umber in the light and so on. After about 25 minutes I had a dog's face looking back at me.