Thursday, 6 August 2015

Evening Walk

man walkking dog on beach against the sunset, an oil painting, dog painting
A bit more tranquil than the scene for the morning walk. 
To make this glorious orange I used Rembrandt Transparent Oxide Red and Cad Yellow Light - for the darks I added Vandyke Brown. Also some black for the silhouettes. 
Orange is a difficult colour: I had a tube of Golden Cadmium Orange when I worked with acrylics and it was fabulous, but my W&N Cad Orange is disappointingly pale - almost got a pastel tinge to it - which is no good at all. 
Of all the colours, this is the one you want to ZING. 
The trouble with testing some different brands is, of course, the expense. Michael Harding's Cad Orange 40ml is RRP £29.52 (that's more than $46 for those of you across the pond). 
Perhaps another item for my Christmas list.