Friday, 7 August 2015

Last Walk Before Bed

oil painting of 2 dogs on the beach at dusk, pet portrait by Karen
Last walk before bed and the last painting of this week. Thanks to Coral for sharing this photo and yesterday's on Paint My Photo. I liked how it appears the tide has turned in this scene. The waves always seem to become a bit more assertive at that point. I painted this one in two steps. 
Step 1 - I did a very thin, turps-y underpainting using Paynes Grey and a touch of Olive green. I made thicker, darker lines where I wanted the bigger waves to appear. 
Step 2 - after that layer was dry, I went back in with undiluted darks, trying to get a mix of warmer darks (I added some olive green and a tiny touch of burnt sienna) and cooler darks (by adding black). I felt this might help achieve a more luminous quality.
Once again I waited for this to tack up. It looked very peculiar (with no white highlights). The final stage was to dry brush in the white horses and the highlights on the wet sand in the foreground.
Thank you for looking at my paintings this week, I hope you have a great weekend. In the meantime, for anyone interested, it is Vermeer over on my other blog and The Girl with the Pearl Earring. I have had a lot of fun with this one.