Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Bloodhound

oil painting of a bloodhound

A very limited palette painting (mainly burnt sienna) this old friend looks a good deal more wrinkly and lugubrious than the breed used to look, for example when painted by Sir Edwin Landseer. 

Here is a famous one of his, on the left, with my copy of it on the right. I first posted this about 18 months ago:
Dignity & Impudence, Sir Edwin Landseer, a bloodhound

When I was looking for nice paintings of bloodhounds, to show you how much their appearance has changed since the Victorian age, I also came across this one, which was new to me. It is in the Tate, London and was first exhibited in 1839. It was painted by Charles Landseer, Sir Edwin's older brother:

Bloodhound and pups by Charles Landseer

In Devon, UK there is a wonderful charity that uses bloodhounds to search and find lost dogs across both Devon and Cornwall. Here is the aptly named Forager. This photo is from the K9 website, which is here:
The only bloodhound I have ever met was a working dog also, he worked for the police and had been trained to find missing people. He could pick up the scent of a person up to 5 days after they had passed that way and was a truly exceptional tracker. He was also a truly exceptional drooler and left silvery trails in is wake. There is no drool in my painting: he wants to be immortalised looking his best, I think.