Friday, 4 September 2015

Two ponies

oil painting of two ponies
I am still feeling my way towards an approach to painting horses. There is some beautiful work to learn from and find inspiration. The difficulty is not so much technical - although it isn't easy - as one of style and perhaps composition. 
If there is any animal subject more afflicted by artistic cliche than horses, it is hard to think of one: tigers, perhaps. 
How to find a fresh approach, how to find something new to say - that is the challenge.
I have been exploring the work of Lucy Kemp-Welch and this piece was very much inspired by her. A British painter, 1869-1958, she specialised in painting working horses and is perhaps best known for her illustrations to the 1915 edition of Anna Sewell's Black Beauty
Black Beauty by Anna Sewell
She has a painting, Colt-hunting in the New Forest, in the national collection, in the Tate
but I very much like and admire everything of hers. Worth checking out if you are interested in equine art.