Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Our hive

Oil painting of a bee hive in a summer garden
Here is our new bee hive in the clouds of seeding wild flowers and grasses along the edge of our garden. The bees moved into the garden by way of a swarm earlier in the summer. They started building honeycomb in the hedge. It seemed such an honour to be "chosen", so more permanent accommodation has been provided. 
I worked this from a couple of photos I had taken. But when it came to the bees, I was non-plussed how to paint them at this scale. So I walked my nearly-complete, wet painting, plus a palette and a brush, up the garden to see what could be done. 
I can now advise that bees from-a-distance are not simply black dots. They are more elongated than dotty. You can see the glint of their wings in the sunlight. And their tiny bodies cast a little, violet shadow on their front step.