Friday, 11 September 2015

Bee happy

oil painting of bees sipping nectar
After our bees arrived, it struck us as odd that we never seemed to see a honey bee actually in our garden. One day, walking by the lake - which is about one mile away as the bee flies - we saw 100s of honey bees sipping nectar from the mint flowers. We immediately talked about them as "our bees", although obviously we cannot be sure. Apparently, you can try dusting your bees with icing sugar as they leave the hive, then rush off down to where you think they go and see if you can spot them. We have not tried this.
The painting was made in two stages: first I painted the background, and let it dry overnight. Next day, I mixed up a  3 value string of violet made from Pthalo Blue and Permanent Rose - dark, mid and light. The flowers are only tiny, I thought 3 should be sufficient, reserving white as the lightest value. Violet is a hard colour to mix, I think. I don't like tube violet, if I use cadmium I get a nasty, muddy colour. Alizarin makes it too cold, like a bruise colour - yuck - but this combo seems about right.
Have a great weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.