Friday, 25 September 2015


detailed and life-like drawing of a spaniel
This drawing was completed a while ago. It was the first really detailed piece in graphite that I completed. It was also very nearly the last. The thing about producing this style of work is that whilst the results are usually very pleasing - there is no possibility of botching it by rushing because rushing is impossible - the fact is it takes forever to complete a single piece. I have already thought up 15 more ideas to work on before I am even half way through.
I see some really beautiful pieces on the internet worked in graphite or coloured pencil and it takes the artists literally weeks. I am filled with admiration for their patience and fortitude, but it is not for me. 
This week I have been experimenting with liquid graphite, looking for a brush-y short-cut to similar effects as the ones achieved with this spaniel. I have concluded there are no short cuts. If you want a piece to look like this you have to put in the time.
So after this short interlude with drawings, I am back to paint.

Have great weekend and thank you for looking at my work.