Thursday, 8 October 2015

Autumn colours

autumn colours, a yorkshire terrier

This dear little chap was inspired as much by a new tube of paint as by the season: I bought a tube of Rembrandt Permanent Orange and it is fabulous. Here is the start of this painting:
work-in-progress yorkie painting
It was a mistake to draw the few lines on the board using a Wolff Carbon pencil, because as you can see it smeared a bit when the paint went over it. I should have fixed it first or just used something else. 
But I waited for the orange to dry completely before working on it and all was well. It is not as if Yorkshire Terriers are a pure, clean orange in any case.
I worked the rest of the painting in one sitting using a large, pointed round for the face, which I haven't done before. It worked well for the features and the strands of hair, especially because you can place a sweeping line very, very gently thus avoiding the problem of lifting the wet paint beneath.