Thursday, 7 January 2016

Cat on the steps

oil painting of long-haired abyssinian cat sitting on steps
Here is my cat, Oscar posing in the polarised light just before dusk on my garden steps. He is seen here in full winter coat. Once the days start lengthening he will proceed to shed most of it and I will be collecting clumps of apricot fur from all around the house. 
Because this is a small painting, I had a struggle to achieve a realistic impression of Oscar's very thick coat. I painted it in 3 or 4 layers allowing each layer to tack up first. The main colours were Transparent Oxide Red (Rembrandt) and Yellow Ochre Deep (Michael Harding). These are probably my favourite 2 paints. Together they make a wonderful orange/apricot.
Oscar is a Somali - a long-haired Abyssinian. He will be 10 years old this year.