Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sunshine Hound

oil painting of a bassett hound in the sunshine
Here is a glorious Basset Hound sitting in the sun, one of my favourite dogs to paint. An ancient breed, engravings have been found of a basset-like dog from the period of the Middle Kingdom in Egypt (2000BC-1700BC) as well as mummified remains of a similar-looking dog in the Dog Catacombs. Which is rather impressive, I thought, for a dog essentially regarded nowadays as rather comical.
Painted on fine linen, I completed a full-colour block in first, painting very thinly, and let it dry overnight. Then, for the ears in particular, I applied the paint quite dry and tried not to mess or blend it. The thin colour block-in underneath showed through and this is what gives the short-fur effect on his ears.
Colours used: black, Transparent Oxide Orange and Lemon Yellow, with white. 
I am pleased with the whiskers: whiskers are always a challenge in oil paint. It is so easy to create blots. I thinned the paint with turps and oil and swept the whiskers on with my new "whisker brush": it is an extra-long liner sized 30/0, made by the Princeton Brush Company. To get a finer brush than that I would have to make my own by plucking a whisker off the cat. It is terrific.