Friday, 16 September 2016

Three Hatted Ladies

Three Hatted Ladies, an oil painting of 3 hens

Painted in two layers (darks first) using a big, flat bristle brush and a palette knife (apart from their eyes). The combs are painted with W&N Cadmium Red, which I don't use very often: it is quite difficult to manage. If you have ever had the experience of putting something dyed red into the washing machine with white fabrics, you will know what I mean. It doesn't seem possible for so many things to turn red with such a little red to start off with. Same with paint. I had to scrape back a couple of times to recover the situation. 
I enjoyed painting these girls. Made me miss my own hens, it is now more than 6 months since I had hens in the garden. I do not miss the associated work, though.
Have a lovely weekend and thank you for looking at my paintings.