Friday, 16 December 2016

Santa's (other) Little Helper

trompe l'oeil oil painting of a cat with Christmas decorations

I have posted before about trompe l'oeil (trick of the eye) paintings and their fascination; I have had a number of attempts at painting this way. It is extremely tricky. 
The effect on me of producing this effort did not include seasonal goodwill. The shadows were a pig, the lost edges on the cat were a pig and the frame itself was piggery squared.
Just at the moment, I am not planning to attempt trompe l'oeil ever again. 
Speaking of 'squared', this cat is on a 10"x12" thin-framed box canvas and it was most assuredly manufactured "square".  The slight impression of wonk is entirely down to the photographer. Did I mention that photographing this was also a pig? I could choose between the wonk, as shown here, or straight edges and dazzling surface glare. I opted for the former.
Tomorrow, I shall post a poodle. He was a dear to paint.