Friday, 26 May 2017

The Stretch

An old friend, this painting - I am re-posting it in recognition of how hot it is at the moment. We are not used to this in Devon, being more accustomed to drizzle and mirk.

I have been busy working on a commission this week and have not had time to paint a daily painting. Here is a quick peek at the commission, although the client hasn't signed it off yet. So, I'll just post it small ... in fact it is quite big (for me) at 16" x 12"

I also worked on some air-dry clay models over the last few weeks. A couple made it to some sort of completion. A more ambitious one has ended up in the bin. Here are the two I am not going to throw away. They are models of dogs belonging to my friends.

I painted them with acrylics and varnished them. They are mounted on to a couple of timber slices that I bought off e-Bay, which were sold as "rustic canapĂ© serving dishes" and cost £5. If I had bought something similar listed as a plinth for models it would have been £40! 
The models themselves are a bit 'rustic', frankly, but everyone has to start somewhere. I am trying to learn a bit more about air dry clay. I have had terrible problems with it cracking. I would love to use the real thing, but that requires a kiln which is not an option at present.

Have a lovely weekend!

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