Thursday, 16 March 2017

Still life with elephant

oil painting of embroidered indian fabric and an elephant

This still life with elephant was painted solely to provide an excuse for breaking out the cadmiums - orange, red and deep red. Such fun! MY goal whilst painting was to keep the colours pure and luminous whilst still creating the illusion of fabric folds.
 Painted about 85% with a palette knife - the hints at embroidery and sequins are added with a liner brush after the paint had about 24 hours to tack up. 
It was still very squidgy in parts and I deliberately did not wait longer because I thought it would stop me fiddling and faffing about: I told myself to HINT at the embroidery, not attempt to re-sew it with a brush...
The elephant is carved from an African hardwood - acacia, we think. His tusks are not ivory. He is quite large: about a foot tall and slightly more on the length. He weighs 5 kg (11 lbs). He was my mother-in-law's elephant and this is his new home since she passed away. The fabric is a huge piece of embroidered Indian quilt I bought a few years ago. 
Indian, African, whatever - the elephant didn't mind.